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Empire Magazine

Issues per Year: 12

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Empire magazine is one of Britain's biggest selling film based magazines. It has unrivalled film industry access which makes it the definitive film magazine for behind-the-scenes information and brings all the latest gossip, news, reviews and interviews. This is a really great magazine for film fans everywhere; it will keep you up to date with all the latest film gossip before any other similar publication.

Within the current issue

Star Wars, Rogue One

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Empire Magazine Issue OCT 16

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More on Empire Magazine

This is a really iconic film magazine, we are sure that you have heard of it one way or another, there are even Empire awards ceremonies nowadays. Readers can rely on Empire to bring them the very best news and reviews on all the latest film releases. There are so many pages of reviews in each magazine that readers will find the answers to all their new movie queries. The reason this magazine can be so in-depth is because it manages to secure brilliant private viewings and interviews with the stars that many other magazines are unable to do. It has close connections with the insiders so it can bring you more of what you want to know, such as all the juicy gossip.

We like this magazine because it not only contains interviews with movie stars; it also has interviews with directors and producers because it likes to hear the story from lots of different perspectives. It can be easy to forget about the talented film makers working behind the scenes and only concentrate on the celebrity actors. The interviews are always brilliantly witty and written in a clever intelligent style. It shows the amount of work and talent which is required to pull off a quality film.

The film industry likes to keep the viewers guessing as to how they managed to create the great cinematic masterpieces. Empire allows readers to see designs of the original ideas for the biggest movies around as well as have a peak at all the original drawings and dialogue, no other film magazine brings you quite as close to the action as Empire.

Empire Magazine is in the TV & Film category and is just one of over 3,000 magazines now available at Newsstand, to browse recent front covers of Empire Magazine, please click here.

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