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APR 20,  released 10/04/2020
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This US based magazine is as it says about all things associated with Cigars. Cigar Aficionado magazine is filled with interviews and profiles of celebrities and personalities that enjoy them. It also includes articles on the latest places to travel, the best drinks and other related men’s lifestyle articles. This magazine stands out because it is oversized and contains much larger pages than any other average magazine. Readers will feel like they are holding something unique and unusual in their hands.

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Cigar Aficionado magazine says itself that it is ‘the good life magazine for men’. This magazine is aimed more at the older gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life. We also think that you’d have to be quite a prosperous gentleman who can afford some of the more expensive indulgences featured in the magazine! We can’t honestly envisage poor male students really being able to fully commit to the lifestyle that this magazine is concerned with. As you’d expect cigars take up a large part of the magazine. There will be extensive articles based on comparing different brands and tastes.

The magazine will also regularly feature other types of manly indulgences such as golf, wine and whisky. Men of a certain mature age will think that they have died and gone to heaven when they read this magazine! The magazine has a bit of a ‘Mad Men’ feel to it. Anyone who is a fan of the TV drama will understand the concept of this magazine. It is for those men who would love to live the gentleman’s lifestyle of days gone by, when every office had a whisky decanter and cigars could be smoked at any opportunity!

The celebrities who are featured in the magazine will share the ethos of the magazine in that they will also enjoy the finer things in life. Cigar Aficionado magazine will feature more seasoned musicians or actors such as Paul Giamatti. Readers need not fear any mention of young baby faced celebrities that may ruin the grown up aesthetic of the magazine.


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