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WINTER,  released 28/11/2019
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Features: Mona Tougaard

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i-D is a cutting-edge fashion, art, music, and youth culture magazine that started on the street and has retained its authenticity throughout its illustrious career. It’s a training ground for up-and-coming photography talent, and is contemporary and trendy. The iconic winking smiley (i-D – try looking at it with your head on one side) is mimicked by most of the cover models, winking cheekily at you as you open the page. i-D is a trend-expressing and trend-setting, pioneering and visually exciting read, and responsible for several exhibitions, issuing every 2 months.

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i-D doesn’t just have a finger on the pulse of fashion, it’s plugged into the heart monitor.

i-D magazine is a UK magazine dealing with fashion, music, art, and youth culture. It’s not your usual catwalk-of-the-mill fashion mag though: i-D has a reputation for being groundbreaking, trendy and young, with innovative photography and street style, and has grown up from a hand-stapled fanzine to become one of big names in the business. That’s authenticity in a magazine: i-D is the band that spent 10 years playing pubs before they made it big but never sold out, as opposed to the X-Factor champion shot instantly to stardom by the cannon of Simon Cowell.

i-D has become known as a training ground for up-and-coming talent, so you’re likely to see the next big thing here first.

You may have noticed that i-D is a little winky smiley, and most of the cover models are winking cheekily at you. It’s a flirtatious expression of vitality: sex appeal and fun rolled into one.

i-D pioneered the “straight-up” portrait: initially going out on the streets and photographing interesting looking youths with mo’s, piercings, etc, as they unassumingly stand straight against a plain black wall. The effect is obvious: it’s not the pose that hypes up the clothes, the style speaks loudest for itself.

i-D started on the street, it’s an expression of fashion as it happens: it doesn’t attempt to control fashion, or wait for it to appear on the catwalk before it’s deemed worthy of documentation. i-D magazine’s come a long way since then, but it remains cutting-edge, and a thrilling read.


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